The team at Midwest West Implant Surgery Center are committed to each and every patient by providing a high level of care. We are changing the rules of dental care in Southwest Michigan with innovative treatments, competitive pricing, and high end technology.  We have our own lab that fabricates every patient's crown, denture and bridge. From start to finish, you will never have to go to another office to finish your treatment.

Yes, it is! In some offices the dentist does not perform the actual implant, only the restorative portion. At our office, the entire implant procedure is done in one office. There is no need to travel from one dentist to another.

The implant procedure is minimally invasive and because the implant is being placed into bone there is very little pain involved. Generally local anesthesia is used, although, if a patient is anxious we offer several options to ensure they are comfortable throughout the procedure.

The length of the process can vary depending on the treatment plan. It is possible that the tooth extraction, bone grafting, and placement of the implant could be done at the same visit. If that is the case, the implant will need to heal for 4-6 months before we start the restorative process. 

Our current special for one implant is $2,676.00. This includes one implant, one abutment, and one crown. This cost does not include anything else. To successfully place an implant some patients may require additional procedures, for example: sinus augmentation, bone grafting, surgical guide/s, tooth extraction/s, ect. Once you visit us for your FREE consult, we can accurately provide you with the total price of your implant treatment. 

Yes, you can! We can place a single implant for a single missing tooth, we can support a small bridge to replace multiple missing teeth, or we can replace an entire upper or lower set of teeth with a bridge that is supported with 4-8 implants.

The full mouth reconstruction procedure is a non-removable dental bridge, which provides a full arch of teeth, that is secured by four to eight implants. Full mouth reconstruction is a perfect option for patients who have or need dentures, or need complete restorations on the upper or lower teeth. The best part is, on the day of surgery you leave with a full set of teeth.

The price for this procedure varies from patient to patient. Please visit us for a FREE consult, which includes a FREE 3D scan of your head and neck. Once the doctor has reviewed your 3D scan a treatment plan will be developed and pricing will be presented to you. Our office guarantees several financing options, no credit check required. We also have a working relationship with  lending companies to help patients finance this procedure, such as and

The first visit to our office will consist of a FREE consult and a FREE 3D scan of your head and neck ($250 value) The doctor will take time to discuss the treatment plan from start to finish and address all concerns. 
Prior to surgery a Records appointment will need to be completed. At this appointment we will answer any additional questions you may have, take impressions and measurements of your teeth and mouth, update any x-rays and sign consent forms. We typically will schedule your surgery 3 weeks from your Records appointment.
Day of Surgery! You will need a ride to and from the office. Depending on your treatment plan, you're appointment could range from 4-8 hours. During this appointment, depending on your treatment plan, extractions, bone grafting, implants, and a temporary bridge will be delivered to you. You will always leave our office with a full set of teeth!
After surgery you will enter into the healing phase. This includes several healing evaluations and adjustments. We will evaluate the status of your implants and temporary bridge.
Approximately four months post-surgery you will be out of the healing phase and into the final restorative phase. We start to fabricate your permanent bridge! Multiple appointments, for impression taking and verification of measurements, will be needed in order to complete your final bridge. You will be asked to provide your preferences on shade, shape, and overall esthetics of your permanent bridge. 
Just like natural teeth, there is some maintenance involved. To maintain implant warranty, you will be required to come back and see us four times a year, for the first year, for routine cleanings and exams. Your fourth routine cleaning appointment will consist of removing your bridge and replacing your screws. After your first year, we require to see you every six months to monitor, clean, and evaluate the status of your implants and bridge.

Dental implants are very easy to take care of and are made out of titanium, which is impervious to decay. We cap the implant with a custom crown so it looks and functions just like a real tooth. Most patients find that their implants last their entire lifetime.