"The Team at Midwest Implant Surgery Center made me feel welcome and comfortable. I have to admit I was anxious about the procedure but was pleasantly surprised that the discomfort from the surgery was minimal. I am extremely happy that I had the All on Four surgery and my only wish is that I had not waited so long. It is life-changing and I am free to smile with confidence.  I love this team of professionals.  They seem more like family than a dentist’s office!"

Donna K.

"Dr. V made me feel very comfortable with the whole procedure with my implant. She is very precise in what she does and at the same time, is very gentle. She explains everything so you can understand and helps you feel confident and that you can trust what is taking place. I look forward to completing the rest of my implant procedure with Dr. V. Thank you so much for who you are.. and all you do!!!!!"

Al Z.

"Three years ago I was advised that a dental implant would be the best option available to address a failed root canal.  My family dentist office quoted a cost of over $4,000 per tooth. At that number I decided to do some research.  The University of Michigan Dental School, of which I am very familiar, quoted $3,200.

More research required!  I turned to the internet where I came upon Midwest Implant Surgery Center and Dr. Carmy Michael.  The advertised price was well below what I assumed was market which left me a bit suspect. I called the office of Midwest Implant Surgery Center and asked some questions, got some answers but still could not understand the price variation.  After doing more research I called again with additional questions but still was a bit hesitant. As I was considering the next step I received a call on a Saturday afternoon from Dr. Carmy.  I told him frankly that I was trying to understand the vast disparity in pricing models and at which time he spent the next forty-five minutes on the phone explaining his business model.  He provided his background, experience and even the suppliers of the material used (which I researched and found it is the most common used throughout the world).  At the conclusion of our discussion he said “make the appointment and if you arrive and do not feel comfortable you can simple walk away”.


I made the appointment and was pleasantly surprised at the expertise and excellent handling of all aspects of my case. I wound up having three implants and to this day have not had any issues; in fact I would be hard pressed to tell which are the implanted teeth.  My reaction to this wonderful service prompted me to leave my long -time  family dentist and move all of my dental work to Midwest Implant Surgery Center.


I would be more than glad to answer any questions that a prospective client my have about dental implants or complete dentistry at Midwest Implant Surgery Center."